We can help you tap into the Chinese Market through digital marketing channels.

China is the UK's fifth largest trading partner and the second largest non-EU partner after the United States.

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Here are the facts:

  • In 2016, UK-China trade was worth £59.1bn
  • British exports to China have increased by 64% since 2010
  • The UK had a surplus of £1.6bn on trade in services with China in 2016, the largest being travel services. In contrast, when you look at goods, China exports £27.1bn more to the UK than the UK does to China.
  • China’s diversity and consumer-orientated economy make the country an attractive export location for Scottish businesses. In fact, since 2007 Scotland’s exports to China have more than doubled and are currently worth £530 million.  

The Problem

The UK market lags behind other European nations such as Germany, France and Italy when it comes to exporting to China. Much of this is down to the broad range of products on offer from country to country, but there is also an overwhelming feeling of lost potential within the Government and businesses alike for existing products. That’s why the Government has recently embarked on a five-year campaign to increase demand for UK products in China.

However, the problem isn’t just linked to demand – UK companies have historically had a big issue with getting to grips with marketing to China and establishing any significant operations within the country.

Much of the problem lies with the overwhelming cultural differences and a significant misunderstanding of how to market your business in China.

The cultural differences aren’t just centred around tastes and language but consumer behaviour is hugely different in China too. How people buy, where they hear about products from and where they buy them from is a difficult thing for many UK companies to grasp when considering delving into the world of marketing to China.

We can help you tap into the Chinese Market through digital marketing channels.

Zudu’s Unique Solution

Aligning with recent government initiatives and market demand, Zudu is the first Scottish based company to offer a tailored digital marketing strategy to help UK companies break into the Chinese market.

Through our unique combination of specialist in-house resource and Chinese partnerships, we can help you to select the right strategy to increase revenue and grow your brand awareness.

Account Management

We set up your identities across the appropriate social media platforms – WeChat, Weibo, Toutiao.cm, QQ.


To build loyalty, you need to engage with potential customers. Our team can handle all your engagement activities in real time. 24/7.

Content Creation

Our team has its finger on the pulse of what is current and relevant. We will provide exciting, engaging and relevant content to ensure the ongoing momentum of your campaign and to drive traffic to your brand, services and products


We constantly monitor and optimise your accounts and provide you with regular reports


We can advise you on what channels are best for your product. We can help you define your social media strategy for the Chinese market


Consumers want to know they are buying the real deal. One of the issues with exporting products to China is losing visibility of your product and its distribution and counterfeit products. We can help you find a strategy to overcome this.


We help you achieve your goals. This is our measure of success

Why Choose Zudu as Your Chinese Digital Marketing Partner?

  • In-house expertise
  • Well-developed Chinese partnerships
  • Cultural knowledge and expertise
  • Client satisfaction


WeChat has one billion monthly users and is known as the “app for everything”.

What started as a messaging app has evolved quickly to allow users to do much more than communicate with friends and family.

It is China’s largest social network. But it is also now where people book a taxi, order food, do their banking, make online payments and so much more.

WeChat for Businesses

Businesses love it! It has allowed millions of businesses to get into the smartphones of customers and potential customers.

Companies and organisations can set up official accounts within the app and users can subscribe to these accounts to receive promotions or to click through to a shopping page.

These ease of making payments within the WeChat app makes transactions hassle free.

The use of QR codes allows businesses to get information directly to users.


Weibo is a microblogging site and is often referred to as the “Chinese Twitter” boasting over 540 million users and over 340 million active users.

Around 154 million people use it daily, 91% accessing it via mobile.

Launched by Sina in 2009 its functionality is a cross between Twitter and Facebook. And with its strong user numbers it is no wonder that 143 of the fortune 500 companies are now using Weibo for marketing and 1.3 million registered enterprise accounts.

The platform’s ‘open network’ means users can see posts from anyone without needing to be connected, making it ideal for content sharing, brand visibility and community building.


Let us help you to find the right strategy to increase revenue and grow your brand awareness.

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