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Fire Safety Web App Development - Powerful e-Learning & Fire Safety Reporting


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The Brief

Assessed Risk provide essential services to businesses to ensure they are compliant with their legal requirements to keep their premises ‘fire-safe’. This invaluable service helps their clients to comply with the law and ultimately provide them with peace of mind. Assessed Risk approached Zudu to digitise and improve the client experience when it comes to performing the essential reports and training required.


The Solution

This powerful platform provides fire safety training in the form of e-learning so your staff know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency and also takes the tedium out of completing fire safety reports by allowing you to do them digitally on a tablet device whilst on the move. The e-learning interface is clean and engaging and borrows elements of gamification to ensure we make the experience pleasurable and more importantly, memorable.


The Results

Huge improvements were found in terms of efficiency, user experience, reporting and training by digitising the processes currently undertaken via the development of a new e-learning ‘Fire-Safety’ web application.

“We have been seriously impressed by ZUDU throughout the

development of the project. They are diligent, responsive and efficient.

The whole project was superbly managed from start to finish.”

– Scott Taylor, Assessed Risk

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