Top UK App Developers

Top UK app developers all have one thing in common: they know how to create an awesome app! Whether it’s the next hit social media app or a utility app designed to help you save time and get more done in your day, there are thousands of possibilities for new innovations. In fact, the App Store is home to over 2 million apps, and the Google Play Store leads with 3.8 million.

If you’re looking to find UK app developers to create an award-winning app for your business, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve put together our top tips for choosing the right developer for your project, whether you’re on a tight budget or you’ve got money to spend.


Do your own research

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when looking for the best app development company is their prior experience and knowledge. Of course, you don’t need to work with an app development company that has developed an app for your niche before, but specialist app development companies might be able to produce a higher-quality app that more closely aligns with your needs. What’s more, if an agency has experience working with clients in your niche, then they’ll already have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for, which could cut costs.

Read testimonials from satisfied customers, and look for case studies on the agency website. If you really want to get a feel for their skills and competency, then you could even speak to clients directly to ask for their opinions before you go to the agency with your ideas. Indeed, doing so will allow you to get a first-hand account, and decide whether they’re suitable to develop your app.

You should also consider meeting up with developers before you make your final decision. Most developers are happy to meet clients face-to-face to discuss projects and offer a no-obligation quote. Visit a couple to get a feel for them; doing so will help you make a decision and ensure you don’t jump in head-first with an agency that isn’t right for your project. After all, an app can be an expensive investment for your business, so you shouldn’t make your decision lightly.


Use review websites

Another way to ensure you’re working with the top UK app developers for your next project is to use review websites. Zudu, for example, has been listed amongst the top UK mobile app developers on the Good Firms website as well as winning several awards with Clutch, a site that ranks developers based on their customer reviews and case studies. Using such websites will allow you to compare agencies based on experience and customer feedback, and it can give you peace of mind that you’re working with the best agency.

When you’re reading reviews, always be sure to check on various platforms. App development companies will, quite obviously, only choose to feature the most glowing and flattering reviews on their website, so use trusted, third-party websites such as Google, Facebook, Reviews and Good Firms to get a balanced picture. 84% of us trust online reviews as much as we would trust a recommendation from a friend or family member, but it’s sensible to err on the side of caution. Reviews that are backed up with statistics (for example, “X helped to increase our bottom line by 10%”) or with an example of the app are the most valuable, so look for those wherever possible.


Trust the top UK app developers at Zudu

The tips we have offered in this post were designed to help you find the top UK app developers – and, naturally, with the experience we’ve built over time we’d like to add our name into the mix! Our agency, based in Dundee, Scotland, has years of experience, and we’ve worked with companies such as NHS Scotland, Wood Plc, and many others on custom development projects.

If you’re looking for an app for your business, whether a corporate app for your employees or a consumer-facing app to boost revenue and increase loyalty, we’d love to help you. Call us today on 01382 690 080 or click here to drop us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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