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Finding a company that offers UK-based web app development certainly won’t be a challenge as there are hundreds of agencies offering app development across mobile and desktop platforms. But what might be a challenge is finding app developer that can deliver an award-winning app that meets the needs of your business, and helps you to get to the next level – whether you are building an app to expand your brand or you’re hoping to launch an entirely new venture.

One of the first things that you should look for when you want to invest in a web application development agency is their location. Indeed, working with a UK-based company will not only mean that you can have access to a member of staff during your usual working hours, but it means you can meet your developer face to face to discuss your project and get development updates. Below, we’ve put together some more things that you should look for in an app developer.


Confidence and experience

Investing in a smartphone app for your business can be expensive, with some charging upwards of £20,000 for development even from the MVP stages. So to ensure you’re getting the very best value for money, you should try to find a company that offers web application development that not only has a great deal of experience in their craft, but confidence in their abilities to create something special. You can find out just how experienced a developer is by looking through their previous client projects, or even downloading their apps to see the user journey and user flows to determine whether you like their style of designing the user experience.

In terms of confidence and ability, you can judge the developer when you meet them face to face (even over Zoom). The truth is that some development houses are “going through the motions” and will want to create an app at record speed to maximise their profit, but you’ll want to ensure you’re working with a company that cares about your vision long-term. Speak with multiple agencies, and whittle down your choices based on their excitement, passion and motivation to get the best results – as well as any potential ideas they can bring to the table.


Customer service and reviews

Customer service may not be something you’re thinking about when trying to find a company offering app development, but it’s certainly not something you should overlook! If you are on a tight deadline it’s essential that you find a company that can deliver your app as and when you need it – and be available to speak with you on the phone when you want them to answer a question or give you an update on the project. You will be able to suss out whether or not the agency delivers good service early on – if they take too long to respond to an email, then look elsewhere, as it will likely be an indication that they’re too busy or don’t really care.

Reviews and testimonials should also be considered with priority. Of course, case studies that are featured on agency websites will likely only be the very best, so do your own research and check out reviews on third party websites, whether that’s Facebook or Clutch. The more you know about them before you sign a contract and hand over money for development, the better.


Web app development businesses can trust

If you’re looking for web application development UK businesses can trust, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Zudu, we specialise in enterprise app development for businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re looking for an in-house software solution or an app to take your business global. You can depend on our team of expert developers to create an app that will exceed your expectations and allow you to work more efficiently and save time and money. To find out more, or to arrange a consultation, click here or call us on +44 (0) 1382 690 080.

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