Why your business needs an Android App

Developing an Android App unlocks a world of untapped potential for your business. Android boasts over 1.4 Billion users worldwide and is growing rapidly with over 1.5 million new activations per day. Capitalise on the huge potential of having your brand on the world's largest app store and reaching the broadest user base available.

You can be confident that when you do appear in the Google Play store that your business and brand will stand out. Our expert Android Development team makes sure you offer a fantastic user experience designed to maximise the monetisation potential of your app.

Largest Market Share

Android App Development allows you to target an impressive 80% of smartphone users. More android users means more potential for app downloads, market share and ROI. Put your brand in Google’s play store and reach more of your potential customers.

Can your business afford to ignore the platforms that most of your customers use? Android App Development ensures your brand is clearly visible and available to your target customers.

Favoured Globally

Developing an Android App for your business is an extremely effective way of allowing you to reach a global market. Android supports over 100 languages and is the top OS in the five largest European markets and the developing world. Give your business the power to reach an international audience.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the developing world use Google Android almost exclusively. As the affluence of these economies grows you can unearth huge opportunities with a bespoke Android App Development that allows you to target an increasingly wealthy and huge market.

Android App Monetisation

Developing an Android app for your business allows you to generate entirely new revenue streams. Our developers will help you navigate in-app purchases, mobile app advertising and ‘pay to download’ strategies to ensure your new android app development contributes to the bottom line.

Ready to unlock revenue streams you didn’t even realise existed? Speak to us to understand how Android App Development can generate serious growth for your organisation.

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