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If you’re considering working with a company that offers Android app development, then you’ll no doubt know just how powerful the Android ecosystem is. Not only does launching an app for Android users give you access to hundreds of millions of potential customers, but it allows you to take advantage of features such as Google Assistant, Google Play and more. In this article, we’ve rounded up five things you should consider before developing an Android app; these lesser-known facts could change the way you design, build, and market your mobile app.


Android is more popular than iOS

Although the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the United Kingdom, Android remains the world’s most popular operating system. In fact, more than three-quarters of all smartphones around the world use Android, primarily because Android smartphones and tablets are cheaper to purchase than iPhones and iPads. When designing an app for your small, medium, or enterprise-sized business, make sure that you start with Android so that you can reach as wide an audience as possible. Once your Android app is up and running, you can then look at iOS app development.


Most users don’t have the latest version

When you’re looking for a business that offers Android app development,  you’ll no doubt want to work with a company that has the most experience. One of the things that you must ensure when designing an app for Android is backwards compatibility, as the majority of Android users don’t automatically update to the latest version of the operating system. Indeed, Google has been criticized for locking smartphone users out of receiving the latest updates, with developers asking Android to work with manufacturers to push updates to users more quickly.

At present, manufacturers such as Samsung, OnePlus and Sony are responsible for seeding the latest version of Android to their users, but this process can take time, leaving many Android users without the newest features for months – and in some cases years. To ensure your app can reach as many people as possible, you should design with backwards compatibility in mind. Ask your developer to run tests on previous versions of the operating system, and consider beta testing with customers to ensure your app runs on as many phones and tablets as possible.


UK-based developers are the best

As a business owner, you’ll be spoiled for choice when deciding which developer to work on your project, as there are development agencies across the UK ready and waiting to get started. Working with UK-based mobile app developers, can provide many benefits that aren’t possible when you outsource to another country such as knowledge of local trends, design preferences, or localised content.

Another reason is communication: having access to your developer on the other end of the phone during your working hours makes it much easier to request changes and get updates on your project. What’s more, UK-based developers are more likely to have an understanding of your target audience, and will be able to create content for your app that appeals to potential customers and end-users.


Android apps can be used on Chrome

Over the past several years, Google has transformed the way we interact with apps, especially on our desktops. One of the most recent innovations at Alphabet HQ is the ability to run Android apps on Google Chromebooks. Whilst this feature may sound niche, it can be incredibly useful in everyday life, allowing you to access useful functionality such as social networking, banking, and more, all from the comfort of your computer. Find UK-based app developers that have experience designing cross-platform Android apps if you want to take advantage of this feature.


Zudu offers Android app development UK businesses can trust

If you’re looking for a company that offers Android app development, consider our award-winning team at Zudu! Based in Dundee and London, we have years of experience designing apps for companies across a range of sectors from fintech, to e-commerce, sports, and social media – and we’d love to help you with an app for your business, too. To find out more about what we do, or to arrange a free consultation, call us today on 01382 690 080 or click here to drop us a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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