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Zudu are excited to announce ePass – our brand new SaaS platform which provides a modern, secure, and scalable approach to digital licencing. The project was developed in response to the CivTech 9.9 Challenge which looked to support retailers and individuals in getting better access to training and support as well as streamlining the licencing process. While the tobacco & nicotine product register is our first use case, ePass is designed with flexibility in mind and can be white labelled to support a range of uses and industries.

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Processes: Discovery, UX/UI Design, MVP Development

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Project Brief

CivTech Challenge 9.9 focused on developing a system that could improve the licencing process for tobacco retailers. Unfortunately, the existing tobacco register has reached its end of life – it’s outdated and contains incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent data, leading to inefficiencies in enforcement and a lack of support services for retailers.

Our product, ePass, enhances data entry accuracy by matching it with existing databases such as Companies House (amongst others) which in turn streamlines the application process and saves businesses time and money. The system can also automatically grant a licence for correctly completed and accurate applications, therefore reducing wait times and only requiring manual intervention for more complex cases. This in turn improves resource allocation and enhances support for prospective and current licence holders, making it easier for the Scottish Government to monitor and enforce compliance.

ePass prioritises accessibility, scalability, security, and training, with the adaptability to extend to other licencing services, not just in Scotland but globally. Although the original CivTech Challenge included the sale of fireworks, this requirement was later removed due to legislative changes, reinforcing the need for a flexible system that admins can update in real-time.

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ePass also incorporates elearning into the platform, allowing admins to set up modules for retailers to help them make sense of legislation and upcoming changes, as well as supporting their needs by creating a communication channel that keeps licence holders informed and updated.

All these components can be managed via the admin panel, allowing relevant teams to adjust application requirements and user flows by enabling or disabling parts of the process, amending text, changing minimum requirements, and more as legislation evolves.

After an application is granted, the information will also be continuously checked by the system to ensure retailers receive appropriate communication regarding licence renewals, alongside flagging issues to admins such as when a business has closed down and no longer requires a licence or a retailer has received a warning from an enforcement officer. This data can be tracked via the ePass reporting system and relevant information will also be displayed on the public register to help individuals find certified retailers.

Through our innovative approach, ePass has the opportunity to address the 448 licences and registrations issued by UK governments as well as addressing private sector needs including in industries such as construction and transportation where there are many steps to acquiring permissions and providing your credentials as well as clearing staff for working on-site.

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Watch our CivTech Demo Day presentation below:


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Key Project Highlights

  • No-code configuration: The admin portal makes it simple to set up and modify any licence application process flow.


  • Auto-approval logic: Set licences for weighted scoring or auto-approval, reducing admin work and manual verifications.


  • Fraud prevention: ePass enables the creation of fraud-proof digital licences using the latest security techniques.


  • eLearning: Training modules can be included as a mandatory or optional part of the application or post-application process. 


  • Payment processing: Accept payments from applicants and set up recurring payments for renewals from licence holders. 
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  • Enforcement capabilities: The enforcement portal facilitates real-time reporting and alerting, providing a single-system approach.


  • Public register: Admins can set which data can be viewed by the public, supporting general users as stakeholders.


  • Licence renewal alerts: users will be informed when their licence is due to expire to ensure ongoing compliance.


  • Accessibility: The platform is accessible via a web browser, multi-language, and compatible with assistive technology. 


  • Encryption: All data stored in ePass is encrypted to industry standards and in line with ISO 27001 to prevent data breaches. 


  • User data protection: User data is gathered to provide the user with a licence and deleted once it is no longer required by law. 


  • Screenshot and recording prevention: ePass blocks users from recording their screen to prevent fraud.
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Solution Summary & Future Development

ePass is the complete digital licencing solution: providing streamlined configuration, application, and enforcement for any licencing or registration requirement alongside elearning, payment processing, and detailed reporting. 

Although currently in its MVP phase, ePass will undergo full development over the next 6 months and launch the new Tobacco and Vaping Register in late 2024. This instance of ePass will follow the Scottish Government’s brand guidelines, however, additional instances of ePass can be either white labelled to match the brand guidelines of a business or organisation, or feature ePass’ own brand colours. Over time, the platform will be expanded to include additional features as standard, however, each individual instance of ePass can also be customised further to suit the needs of the licencing body or organisation. 

Our teams have over 10 years of experience building digital products for public and private sectors and ePass marks a huge milestone for Zudu alongside reflecting our industry knowledge of the challenges businesses face. This is why ePass is designed to be simple and effective – putting users at the heart of our solution. Thank you to CivTech for giving us the opportunity to bring ePass to life. 

Find out more and book a demo by emailing contact@zudu.co.uk

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