Why you should consider a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) strategy in app development

App development is not only incredibly time-consuming, but it can be prohibitively costly for some businesses. As well as upfront development costs, often running into tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds, you’ll need to budget for marketing, maintenance, bug fixes, and ongoing product development as your application grows. Add on top of this the …

  • 21st Dec, 20 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

Analysing user feedback and behaviour to improve your app

Developing an iOS or Android app for your business can be a stressful and time-consuming process, but the unfortunate truth is that the hard work doesn’t stop once you’ve published it to the App Store. Indeed, top apps release one to four updates every month, tweaking and changing parts of their software based on feedback …

  • 9th Nov, 20 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

IoT in 2020: 6 trends you can expect to see

Whether you like it or not, there’s no getting away from the fact that the internet of things – also known as IoT – is changing the way we live. It seems like virtually every aspect of our lives has been digitised in recent years; it’s now possible to boil your kettle, turn on the …

  • 2nd Dec, 19 -
  • James Buchan
  • IoT

5 trends that will change app development in 2019 and beyond

At Zudu, we know that nothing stands still for long in the world of app development. Indeed, Apple and Google release annual operating system upgrades, new hardware unlocks new possibilities for developers and businesses, and Facebook issues a new version of its social networking app at least once per week on the App Store. As …

  • 18th Feb, 19 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

An introduction to Android Instant Apps

As a company that offers Android app development, we know that consumers love to interact with their favourite businesses and enjoy unique functionality through custom apps. Indeed, an app not only allows you to increase loyalty and brand awareness, but it also provides revenue streams and the ability to send push notifications, which increases the …

  • 16th Oct, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

5 ways to increase mobile engagement and generate sales

We don’t need to tell you that ecommerce is big business. Latest reports suggest that 18% of all retail sales will be conducted online this year and that 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase on their smartphone in the past six months. Figures like these are growing year on year as consumers are …

How to improve customer service using a mobile app

Whether you run an ecommerce store, deal with customers face-to-face or you offer software as a service (SaaS), delivering exceptional customer service is essential. 78% of consumers have pulled out of a transaction because of poor customer service, and twice as many people tell others about a bad service than a good service, so it …

  • 24th Apr, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

Talbase – An Award Winning Software as a Service Product for Recruiters

The team at Zudu not only work on client projects but we also love to work on our own systems, and Talbase is the result of a year-long project which gained strategic partnerships, investment and winning a prestigious Scottish Edge award. Talbase is a modern, mobile responsive, cloud based recruitment software with industry-leading 3D avatar-led …

Zudu’s Groundbreaking NHS mHealth Project Wins Award

After working with the NHS on several projects the team at Zudu are delighted for their Ccard App project to win a Mobile Health Award at the prestigious Digital Health and Care Awards in Edinburgh. Read more about this exciting project below. In 2016 the team at Zudu embarked on a groundbreaking project with NHS Tayside …

  • 27th Feb, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps, News

Selecting the Best App Developers for Your Project – 8 Top Tips!

Selecting the best App Developers For Your Next Project So you have decided that you need a mobile app for your business. You have a fantastic idea, you have discovered a niche and you just know that this new app can propel your business to stratospheric heights of success. Great start! Now comes the tricky …

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