WhatsApp Scam Warning

We have received reports of scam messages being sent through WhatsApp and Telegram where the sender impersonates recruiters and companies, including Zudu. These scammers promote fake job ads and attempt to obtain personal information from recipients (you can read more here).

Similar to fake emails or texts impersonating a bank or mobile phone provider, these scammers try to deceive you and obtain your data through malicious actions.

If someone contacts you via WhatsApp or Telegram claiming to be from or representing Zudu, and you suspect it is a phishing message or scam, please block the number and/or report the scam by forwarding it to 7726. This is a free reporting service provided by Ofcom.

For more information on how to identify phishing messages and what actions to take, visit the Action Fraud website: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report-phishing. Here are some tips for spotting a phishing message:

  • If it’s a message you weren’t expecting
  • If it’s from a number or email address you don’t recognise
  • If it contains a link, avoid clicking it
  • If it offers unrealistic salaries or working arrangements
  • If they ask for money or personal details, such as your CV
  • If the advertisement is poorly written and contains spelling errors

Our team will always maintain a professional manner and will never make suspicious requests. We appreciate those who have forwarded evidence of this scam to us. If you would like to report something to us, please contact us at contact@zudu.co.uk.

In addition to messaging scams, websites are also appearing impersonating brands including Zudu. These are illegitimate and an infringement of trademark law and should be reported to Google and Microsoft. The only domain associated with Zudu is https://zudu.co.uk.

Stay safe online, and never hand over your personal data or financial information unless you are certain the company or service is legitimate.