What to think about when designing a smartwatch app

Wearable technology certainly isn’t new, but it wasn’t until Apple unveiled its Apple Watch back in 2015 when consumers started to take it seriously. Since then, millions of devices, from manufacturers like Google, Samsung, and FitBit, have been sold around the world, and the latest figures suggest more than 140 million wearable devices will be …

  • 20th Nov, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

How to increase in-app purchases and generate more revenue

Although in-app advertising spending is worth more than $45.3 billion per year, filling a custom app with adverts for another company isn’t the best way to make money. Indeed, whether you’re launching an app as an extension of your business or you’re hoping to create a business out of an app, finding ways to monetise …

  • 13th Nov, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

Link building techniques every business should try out

Whether you’re only just starting out in business, or you’ve been in your niche for years, it’s always good to find new ways to promote your products and services. The internet has unlocked incredible opportunities for small and medium-sized companies, but it has also made them more competitive than ever before. As well as the …

An introduction to Android Instant Apps

As a company that offers Android app development, we know that consumers love to interact with their favourite businesses and enjoy unique functionality through custom apps. Indeed, an app not only allows you to increase loyalty and brand awareness, but it also provides revenue streams and the ability to send push notifications, which increases the …

  • 16th Oct, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

5 reasons why you should avoid web design templates

If you’re thinking about launching a new business or looking to give your existing company website a fresh lick of paint, you may be tempted to use a premade theme rather than pay for a web developer to create something new. For sites that are built on popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, …

5 ways to increase mobile engagement and generate sales

We don’t need to tell you that ecommerce is big business. Latest reports suggest that 18% of all retail sales will be conducted online this year and that 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase on their smartphone in the past six months. Figures like these are growing year on year as consumers are …

How to appear on Google Home and Amazon Alexa searches

Whether you’re a fan of smart speakers or you’re yet to adopt, it’s hard to deny the power of the technology. An incredible 40% of all UK households will own an Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomePod by the end of 2018, and by 2020, 30% of all searches will be voice-conducted. As a …

5 ways to nail user experience without spending a fortune

Whether you’re working on a redesign of your company website or you’re building an app for a new business, user experience research is a must. Understanding the needs of your audience and the way in which they interact with your design is key to success, and skimping on research may have negative effects on the …

  • 11th Sep, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • UX

How to design apps for smartphones with notches

With the iPhone X and the upcoming Google Pixel 3 bringing notches to the masses to accommodate facial recognition and the removal of a home button, smartphones have more screen real estate than ever before. As a developer, it’s your responsibility to adapt your user interfaces to take advantage of this new space and help …

  • 28th Aug, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

How to adapt your marketing to expand into new territories

Finding ways to make your business more profitable year on year can be tough. Of course, you can find new customers by using digital marketing techniques like a new website, a custom app, an SEO campaign or aggressive pay-per-click, but if you’re looking for long-term, sustainable growth, then entering a new territory could be the …

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